Rustic Country Kitchen Ideas (Inspiration Remodel Design Kitchen)

The ambience of the countryside always brings back good memories; it is timelessly wrapped in warmth and coziness. You can also fetch the same atmosphere into your cooking area by applying the basic concept of country kitchen ideas.

Soft color scheme, natural materials, and antique furnishings are some basic things you need for country design. Take a look at the following ideas to catch a glimpse of the elegant country-themed kitchen.

35 Inspiration Remodel Design Kitchen, Rustic Country Kitchen Ideas

It actually could be the small, easy details of kitchen area design – tailored to the way that you cook and make use of the room – that make your room a joy to make use of. From ergonomic islands to modular closets and covert storage, in this gallery you’ll find numerous photos from the House & Garden archive. Things to inspire whether you live in a stately home, a tiny level or a small ancient cottage

  1. All White is All Right with Rustic Natural Accents

country kitchen ideas

Source: eefurnish.com

Color is an important aspect in a country design. To get the best result, choose neutral shades or pastel colors. You can go with white for the wall to make space feel more spacious.

Alternatively, white furniture will look good when you match it with nature-inspired tones, such as beige, green, or blue. “Lots of cream, beige, and grey with the rustic wooden table are a simple, yet lovely color combination at home,” suggests the English writer, Ella Woodward.

  1. Show Off the Strength of Rich Woodwork

country kitchen design ideas

Source: melissarufty.com

The timeless features of a country kitchen make it possible for you to combine them with a modern design. Follow some ideas below to create a modern country kitchen.

  • Use marble countertops to support clean-cut furniture of modern design.
  • Mix traditional with a modern feature by building kitchen cabinets in bin-style pulls.

Choose darker shades of gray for cabinetry

  1. Weathered Wood Sets Off Classic Clapboard

kitchen Wood Sets ideas

Source: 1decor.net

Old and new blend beautifully in this kitchen, with its bright white and weathered wood paneled wall cabinets with simple knobs. Beneath them is an induction cooktop, vintage cutting boards and a jug of wooden cooking tools. A beadboard wall echoes the paneling, and the space beneath the white apron sink is hidden by a plain gray curtain.

  1. Hefty Shelving Accentuates the Strength of Classic Cabinetry

Kitchen design Hefty Shelving Accentuates

Source: homezenith.com

Rugged woodwork dominates this kitchen. The open shelves above the sink are robust enough to hold stacks of dinner plates, glass and metal canisters and a microwave. The counter and floor cabinets with their cup pulls and hinges are pleasingly beat up. Don’t be afraid to add paintings. A picture of a ship is placed near the shelves while an ancestor scowls from a framed painting on the other wall.

  1. Smart Detailing and Beautiful Plants Combine with Premium Fittings

Smart Detailing and Beautiful country kitchen ideas

Source: missthornberg.blogg.se

This lovely kitchen is a study in black and white, crisp lines and unexpected curves. The countertop is black and roomy enough for a collection of plants and artwork, the cantilevered apron sink has room for deep pots to be filled up and easily washed. Alabaster shades from pendant lights above the ceiling give a soft light and add to the light that comes in through the interesting, mullioned windows.

  1. A Chalkboard Makes a Unique Addition to a Cabin-Style Rustic Kitchen

country design kitchen ideas

Source: interioridea.net

A chalkboard makes drawing up shopping and to-do lists easy in this farm kitchen. A homeowner doesn’t even need to buy a wall-length chalkboard. All they need is a panel that they cover with a latex chalkboard paint, and voila! A chalkboard. It blends beautifully well with the rough-hewn stone countertops, equally rough-hewn floor cabinets and a simple chandelier made of black metal.

  1. Smart Design Blends Multiple Materials

Country kitchen ideas Smart Design Blends

Source: mosthappy.com

Signs from old timey country stores that have long gone out of business are surprisingly appropriate for a kitchen. The sign dominates the small space around the apron sink and the countertop. The black of the oversized letters echoes the black of the hanging light shade, the deep gray of the countertop and even the black of the stand mixer. The layout of the subway tile backsplash finds echoes in the wood wall panels.

  1. Wood Counters Add Warmth to a Clean White Kitchen

 Clean White country Kitchen ideas

Source: skiesofparchment.com

The blue-gray wall above the door, multicolored rag rug and family photos make this kitchen friendly. Natural light comes in through the window above the sink and the multi-paned window in the door. The wall cabinets are doorless and allow the household’s best dinner service to be seen and appreciated.

  1. Tin Ceiling + Heavy Wood = Unique Atmosphere

Country Kitchen ideas Unique Atmosphere

Source: brandisawyer.com

Tin ceilings used to be the rage back in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, for they could be delicately beautiful and not very expensive. This kitchen pairs its wedding cake of a tin ceiling with dark, rough, heavy wood in the kitchen table and the matching block in the ceiling from which depend lights with mason jar shades.

  1. Weathered Wood Rustic Country Kitchen Design

Rustic Country Kitchen Design

Source: decoholic.org

Weathered wood can be made that way intentionally or can be repurposed wood from old factories, warehouses, barns or railroads. The sky-high ceiling of this kitchen is kept from being a bit too lofty with rafters that seem made of pickled logs. Their weathered look is repeated in the cabinets, the kitchen island and its stools. The door and window frames and even the lamp bases.

Stylish Kitchen Design Ideas And Picture

County kitchen Ideas: Compact Cucina

country kitchen ideascompact cucina

source: www.houseandgarden.co.uk

This kitchen was designed by DPAW in conjunction with Space Cucina. With units by Schüller made to order off-site and further customised during installation. To add textural contrast within the black ‘L’, the MDF cabinets have a laminate finish in. Lava Black’, and the rougher textured Compac Quartz worktop is in ‘Nero Ebony’. Supplied and installed by Space Cucina. An internal window by the hob allows views into the main bedroom.

Large Island Marbel


source: www.houseandgarden.co.uk

Exposed beams and a stag head above the stove add a rustic feel to the otherwise ‘clean’ look of this kitchen, which was designed by Colin Orchard. The room belongs to an idyllic New Zealand house.

Wall Hung Copper Pans


source: www.houseandgarden.co.uk

Warmth radiates from the kitchen’s golden-yellow walls in Duchesse de Magenta’s Renaissance chateau in Burgundy. Where copper pans are prettily arranged, hanging in rows from wooden planks. Great way of using kitchen wall space efficiently, for storage.

Small Kitchen Steel Worktop White Units


source: www.houseandgarden.co.uk

The design of the kitchen continues the feeling of quiet simplicity that runs throughout architectural designer Kim Wilkie’s London flat. The all-white units and stainless-steel worktop and sink are the ‘B3’ design from Bulthaup.

White Units Hidden Appliances


source: www.houseandgarden.co.uk

Storage is one of the underlying features of this Holland Park flat designed by Nicholas Spencer and Sophie von Wedekind. One point that came out of the brief was the owners’ aversion to clutter. Which led to the siting of the oven within the white, streamlined kitchen units.

Translucent orange ‘La Marie’ add a splash of colour to the mostly white kitchen, which includes Michael Anastassiades’. The cooker is concealed within the tall cabinet on the left.

Modern Wooden Cupboard Doors


source: www.houseandgarden.co.uk

In the kitchen of this grand late-nineteenth-century house ceiling light hangs over the main area for food preparation. Behind which is a wall of concealed storage in grey-stained oak for all the kitchen paraphernalia. Since the family is quite large and they do a lot of entertaining. There is a small, professionally equipped area at the back of the kitchen. Where food can be prepared away from the family.

Green Unit With English Worktop


source: www.houseandgarden.co.uk

Charles Hurst, who often works with designer Caroline Holdaway, built this kitchen in Robin Muir’s house. The island unit is painted in a matt green similar to ‘Greengage’.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Barn Wood-Covered Kitchen Hood

Barn Wood-Covered Kitchen Hood

source: www.countryliving.com

Let your range hood make a statement in your farmhouse-style kitchen, like this eye-catching barnwood-covered piece that conceals a basic vent.

Salvaged Materials

Salvaged Materials

source: www.countryliving.com

This Georgia cabin makes wide use of salvaged materials, and it brings an acquired-over-time feel to this kitchen’s features. With a black soapstone apron-front sink, teak countertops, and heart pine floors salvaged from 300-year-old beams in a South Carolina mill, this charming farmhouse kitchen has age and character.

Antique Signs

Antique Signs

source: www.countryliving.com

One of the easiest ways to incorporate farmhouse style into your kitchen and throughout your home is to hang vintage signs that say things like “Grocery” or “Meat Market.” You can find them on Etsy or at your local antique store.

Repurposed Items

Repurposed Items

source: www.countryliving.com

The owners of this Tennessee cabin used reclaimed materials for their kitchen’s eclectic but cozy feel. Their stools are covered with repurposed old shirts from Goodwill, while their salvaged sink is revamped with a pleated skirt and decorative legs made from old balusters. The sconces come from Habitat for Humanity ReStore, with piping added to mimic the shelving below.

Decorative Rug

Decorative Rug

source: www.countryliving.com

A gorgeous 19th-century Turkish runner adds a burst of color to this white galley kitchen inside a rustic Connecticut cottage. Exposed shelving adds to the kitchen’s country style, and the owner painted the cabinetry slightly darker than the walls for extra dimension.

Exposed Shelving

Exposed Shelving

source: www.countryliving.com

Country Kitchen Ideas Rustic wood looks even more lovely against crisp white walls and dishes. The owner of this northern California home used Douglas fir for the shelving and redwood for the farm table. Exposed shelving and hanging pots are classic features of a country kitchen.

Vintage Sink

country kitchen ideas vintage sink

source: www.countryliving.com

This couple embraced the history of their 18th-century farmhouse by filling it with antiques, and in the kitchen. That translates to a vintage porcelain double farm sink. Display of gorgeous antique dishes. Other small touches, like the faded checkered rug and storage baskets under the sink, add to the rustic style.

Mid-Century Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Mid-century modern has never been more popular. And that’s because homeowners and renters want a modern style that’s also warm and full of personality. Add mid-century modern elements to your small kitchen design ideas to enlarge and brighten your small space and put fun back into cooking!

Bright Colors For a Small Kitchen Design

Bright colors for a small kitchen design


Bright Colors For a Country Kitchen Ideas

Bright colors for a small kitchen design

Pastels to Brighten Your Small Coutry Kitchen Ideas

Pastels to brighten your small kitchen

Kitchen Ideas For Color Pastel

Pastels to brighten your small kitchen

Small Kitchen Ideas Featuring Wood and Bamboo

Small kitchen ideas featuring wood and bamboo

Country Kitchen Ideas Featuring Wood

Small kitchen ideas featuring wood and bamboo

What with all those hard, shiny surfaces, modern kitchens can sometimes seem a bit sterile. The solution? Mix vintage pieces into your modern kitchen. There are lots of ways you can do this — here are a few photos to inspire you.

Kitchen Ideas : Modern Appliances and Plenty of Storage

Countru Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen, from Homelife, has mastered the mix, with modern appliances and plenty of storage, thanks to a couple of vintage tables (grouped together as an island) and a hutch.

Vintage Cabinets in Modern Kitchens

Countru Kitchen Ideas

Country Kitchen Ideas Vintage cabinets in modern kitchens is a look we’ve been seeing more and more often. These can provide a sort of grace note in a modern kitchen, and also a helpful place to stash a few things in a kitchen without upper cabinets. From Skona Hem.

Country Kitchen Ideas : Wooden Cabinet

Country Kitchen Ideas

A wooden cabinet provides a nice contrast to the sleek stainless steel shelves and cabinets in this kitchen, spotted on Houzz.

Country Kitchen Ideas : Vintage Cabinet Design

Country Kitchen Ideas

If your cooking area has limited space, you can complement it with the concept of a small country kitchen. This concept is not less elegant. In fact, it can give the small kitchen a cozier rustic charm.

For starters, choose white as the main color for the wall. Then, opt for open shelves as a kitchen cabinet to avoid the space look crumpled. You can also add barn-style light fixtures and farmhouse style to complete the design.

With some country kitchen ideas above, it’s time to start planning a country-themed cooking area on your own. By including the essential features of a country kitchen, you can create a warm, comfortable space for both cooking and dining.

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